Sunday, October 13, 2013


What do you do after a week of 5 soccer games, a homecoming parade, homework, reading and a late night under the Friday night lights????

How about fall asleep on the bathroom floor after a shower???

Homecoming 2013

Caleb was chosen to participate in the Junior Court for homecoming this year.  His job was to hand out gifts to the homecoming queen candidates on the field at half time.  Though he wasn't crazy about wearing a tie, he did a great job and loved the attention for the pretty ladies!

Future Cubs

All 3 kids decided they wanted to be Future Cubs this year.  Avery even chose it over cheerleading camp.  Future Cubs assigns kids to a varsity football player and at home games, the kids get to walk out onto the field with their player and can help carry their helmet in after the games.  A&A&C love it!

Homecoming parade

Last week was Homecoming in big Btown and our small town loves to celebrate every event they can with a small town parade.  Maurer Party of Five was spread out in the line up this year.  Avery and I rode with the softball girls.  Austin sat with the football team and his future cub player.  Caleb was part of the junior court for the half time activities so he and a few others had their own special truck to ride on.  Good times!

Stars Soccer

We're seeing a whole new Caleb on the soccer field this year.  After sitting back at the goal last year and waiting back just in case the other team came close, he's now up in the middle of things and is holding his own.  He's got some  pretty quick feet and can dribble the ball well.  Just another similarity to his daddy. He's scored every game and every goal is celebrated with a chest bump with his teammate Jase.  


Wes, Popo, and the kids headed up to Milano to check things out a few weeks ago.  The hogs are coming in to the deer feeder to take advantage of the corn.  Unfortunately for this pig, Wes brought his gun along and he was the unlucky victim.