Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to school recap

We made it through the 1st week of a new school year and I'm happy to report it was a pretty great week.  Minus the car line for pick up the 1st day of school, everything went according to plan.  Kids went to bed on time, lunches were packed ahead of time, and we were out the door when we needed to be.  Looks like teachers aren't going load on the homework too thick this year which make this mama happy.
As for me... what a difference a year makes.  Last year at this time, I was doing everything I could just to stay a float in the waters of first year teaching.  My motto was "one day at a time".  This year, I know what needs to get done and when it needs to be done... I've actually been able to plan a few days ahead.  My class sizes are much bigger this year and I've got 5 biology classes instead of 3, but so far I'm really enjoying it.  The first week was pretty exhausting... thank goodness for the 3-day Labor Day holiday weekend to recoup.
I will add that I think Wes is glad we are back in a routine.  Now we are all getting up early, like he has to do all year long.  Looking forward to a great school year.... how many days until Christmas vacation?

New school year, we are ready!

New tennis shoes - check.  New backpacks and lunch boxes - check.  66 school forms for parents to fill out - check.  It's a new school year and Maurer Party of Five is ready!  A&A are going into 2nd grade at Krause Elementary and will have Mrs. Koehler and Mrs. Phillips.  Caleb is a 1st grader and we are excited that he will have Mrs. Wellmann, the same teacher A&A had last year.  Pretty sure it's going to be a GREAT year!

Best Summer Ever

Caleb wrote this on the playroom chalkboard towards the end of July and it's been up ever since.  It speaks a lot of truth.  After an exhausting and stressful year due to my career change, we were able to enjoy a "real" summer.  We had a full one!  All Stars consumed June, then we went cruising w/ Mimi & Popo, Wes and I jetted to Jamaica, the kids got to spend a few days at Uncle Jason's, there was a week of vacation Bible school, and a week at the beach with the Kempers.  Not sure we're going to be able to swing such a jam packed schedule next year, but we just might try.
Though we love summer time and all the flexibility it offers, it is time to get back in a routine.  Maurer Party of Five needs a little bit of structure back in our lives.  Good bye summer.... see ya next year.