Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today we pack!

About two weeks ago I started a packing list for our trip to Disney World. This is no trip for procrastination. We leave tomorrow! That means my agenda today is full - I will be packing. I am determined to be as organized as possible, something a bit out of my norm. The kids pulled out their suitcases weeks ago and today they will actually be put to use opposed to being filled with toys and pulled around the house.
This is a big trip for the Maurer Party of Five. Most of our vacations since the kids have been born have centered around the beach or somewhere within close driving distance. This trip we are taking it to the sky. I think I am just as excited to see the kids get on a plane as I am to see Cinderella's Castle. We aren't making this trip alone. Both sets of grandparents are going, yes we will need the backup. For some this may be odd to be traveling with both sets of grandparents, but believe it or not ours get along really well and they both drive us crazy equally so we are so glad they are going along!
I'll be packing up the laptop today and I have strong intentions on blogging while were gone. Til next time....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Got to love Easter weekend. In true Maurer Party of Five fashion, we were on the go all 3 days, but we did a few things out of our usual "box". Friday we loaded up for a little shopping to prep for our trip to Disney. Avery is the only one who has been to the mall with me and that has been for quick grab and go trips. The mall with 3 kids deserves its own post... yes, that is how traumatic is was for me... and the Macy's store clerks. Let's just say and escalator was involved. Wes was a bit more patient... so patient that he insisted we go back again the next day, which we did. We had to make a few returns from the previous day and of course a few more purchases were made, but we were all rewarded with a trip to the movies - "Rio" in 3-D! That was the first movie I've been to in years, like 8 years...really. It was great, though I cringed when we bought Twizzlers and Starburst after the kids ate their weight in candy at an Easter Egg hunt that morning... you only live once, right?

It should be no surprise that we made plenty of time to be with family this weekend. Friday night we celebrated with all the Maurer clan and Sunday we spent the day at Toppe & Grandpa's. Of course each of these stops included an egg hunt with plenty of candy... lots and lots of candy. Add those two hunts to the other 2 we had and we could open a small candy store, really we could. Holidays are exhausting, but we love them. We are so blessed and and at Easter time we stop to thank God for giving us his son to die on the cross for our sins.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Twins - like it or not

On the way to school yesterday, Avery and Austin were having a heated argument. I don't remember what it was about, something trivial I am sure. After arguing back and forth Austin said "I'm not going to be your twin anymore, Avery." Avery replied, "That's FINE." Then she commented, "You just need to worry about yourself."

Annual Brenham Day at the Disch

Take me out to the ballgame...

Wes and Austin sat together on the left field line "hill" for a while. When we saw them later, Austin had a snowcone to "share". You can see by this picture how many snwocones we woundup having to get. That is usually the way it goes if we want to keep peace.

Caleb made it through 6 innings before he decided he needed a power nap.

A picture of the game, taken by Avery.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blue Bell Fun Run

Yes we did.... we all did! Our party of five signed up for the Blue Bell Fun Run and we have the t-shirts to show for it. The morning was a bit hectic and we had to bring along extra help to make it through the morning, but we did it. A&A&C ran at 8am and they were excited until right before the run when it got really crowded at the race start line. When the horn blew, Austin jetted off by himself, Avery insisted I go with her and Wes hung tight with Caleb. Avery and I (holding hands most the run) caught up with Austin about half way into it and he stayed with us until the last down hill to the finish line when he sped up and finished strong. Avery and I shortly followed and Caleb and Wes trailed in a few minutes later. They were awarded with a medal when they crossed the finish line and more importantly could eat all the ice cream they wanted.

I barely made it to the start of my run due to confusion of getting all the kids to the right spot with Popo, but at 8:30am I started my 10K. It was a tough run for me and I didn't have quite as good of a time as I'd have liked, but in the end I finished and was glad to say I had done it. My actual highlight of the morning was having Wes join in the event. He signed up for the 5K and as expected, finished with a very respectable time, faster than I've ever (or will ever) run 3miles. I was a little bummed that I couldn't see him as he crossed the finish line, but they kids were there to cheer him on. I enjoy running and have participated in a few of these kinds of runs but Wes has never really had an interest so it was cool to have him there. It was also pretty cool to have my mom and dad particpate in the 5k. Well, actually thanks to mother natures call, mom wound up hanging with the kids for potty patrol and missed the start of the 5K. She assures me when went to the gym and walked her 3 miles later that afternoon. My dad came across the finish line with a respectable time for a 57 year old. He's pretty darn awesome!!

I'm pretty darn proud of our party of five and our performance at the BBFR. I have a feeling we'll all be back next year.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random ramblings

Maybe if I post about rain, we will get rain? I feel like we are in a bubble - a thick, rain resistant bubble. I'm tired of the dry and the dust. The wind isn't helping either. We need rain!...... Wes ran tonight. This may seem like a minor event for some, but I can't recall the last time Wes ran. Wait, yes I can, it was at Town Lake in Austin, quite possibly before we got married - that would be 9 yrs ago! We are making the Blue Bell Fun Run a family even this weekend and he decided he should probably lace up his tennis shoes and give it a try - 3 days before run. He was hardly panting when he got back. He's doing the 5K. I'm doing the 10K. Glad we're not doing the same because he'd smoke me...... This week is "T" week at school for Avery & Austin. They were excited to take their "tadpole farm" to show the class. We've watched one go from tadpole to frog... it's been pretty cool..... Caleb seems to be out of his demand to wear cowboy boots and jeans everyday. Hallelujah! He can still be pretty picky about what he wears. He's worse than Avery right now. It is crazy how much those two are alike....... I am very thankful for elementary art teachers. After projects that involved paint and glitter, I have realized I should leave those items to the school art room.... for my sanity..... The #1 song request in the car right now? "Best of Both Worlds" - Miley Cyrus. It was part of a birthday favor CD and the kids love it. They know the words better than I do. They know the name Miley Cyrus but are clueless as to who she is.... I plan to keep it that way...... Favorite tv show? Austin's request is "Wipe Out". He's only seen it twice, but always asks if it's on. The tv is usually on in the afternoons, but we are rarely actually watching.... well, except for on Tuesday when I must watch Biggest Loser.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting a Hook on Cancer

It is Relay for Life time around Washington County and that means drive thru dinners, raffle tickets, and random fundraisers just about everywhere you look. One of those fundraisers we look forward to participating in every year is "Getting a Hook on Cancer." This event started about 6 years ago in honor of "Schotts" Jasinski who lost a hard fought battle to the evil disease. Since then many families have joined in as they have been affected by the "Big C" and this event is one worth being a part of. There is a fishing tournament that requires teams to weigh in around 2pm at the Rodenbeck camp. At weigh in time, a band is in full swing, bbq is served fresh off the pit, silent auction items are battled over, and friends and family come out to be a part of this awesome event and donate to a worthy cause. Wes and I attempt to "help out" where we can. Wes always fishes in the tournament and this year the kids got in on the kids tournament. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the monster bass that was caught this year. It helped Wes & Todd place in a few categories. I am not much on fishing, but it was fun watching the kids get excited about catching fish and the boys finally got to wear their "real" fishing shirts that Santa brought them.

The fishermen and lady
Ray singing his infamous "Gloria". This event would not be possible without Ray & Theresa!

Love this expression on Avery's face as she watches the fish being weighed in.

Grubbing on some ribs.

Close ups