Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today we pack!

About two weeks ago I started a packing list for our trip to Disney World. This is no trip for procrastination. We leave tomorrow! That means my agenda today is full - I will be packing. I am determined to be as organized as possible, something a bit out of my norm. The kids pulled out their suitcases weeks ago and today they will actually be put to use opposed to being filled with toys and pulled around the house.
This is a big trip for the Maurer Party of Five. Most of our vacations since the kids have been born have centered around the beach or somewhere within close driving distance. This trip we are taking it to the sky. I think I am just as excited to see the kids get on a plane as I am to see Cinderella's Castle. We aren't making this trip alone. Both sets of grandparents are going, yes we will need the backup. For some this may be odd to be traveling with both sets of grandparents, but believe it or not ours get along really well and they both drive us crazy equally so we are so glad they are going along!
I'll be packing up the laptop today and I have strong intentions on blogging while were gone. Til next time....

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