Saturday, December 31, 2011

A beautiful New Years Eve Day

 Waiting for lunch... Wes, Austin & Grandpa Pete are waiting for the burgers on the pit to be ready.
 It was time to get Austin out to do a little hunting outside of a deer stand.  He and Wes walked along the creek looking for squirrels.  They finished with a total of 3.... and got a water turkey.
 Tree climbing.
Sneaking around the tank to finish off the water turkey.

My grandpa owns about 500 acres in Milano and it is a place we just don't utilize as much as we should.  We decided to head up there New Years Eve Day so the boys could do a little hunting outside of a blind and we could all enjoy a little activity and fresh air.  Wes and Austin grabbed their guns and walked the creek looking for squirrels.  Avery, Caleb and I explored the "old house" on the property and they both got a kick out of being told that houses back then didn't have restrooms inside.  After the house, we did our own walking along the creek and Avery found the perfect fallen tree for a balance beam across the dry creek.  After the hunters returned, we moved to a new location with Toppe, Grandpa Otto, and Grandpa Pete to fish (no bites), grill hamburgers, ride the 4-wheeler and climb trees.  It was one of those days where you look back and say "I'm really glad we did that."  Joining us most of the morning was my 97 yr old grandpa.  He's definitely slowing down and he stayed in the truck until the sun was full force to warm his weary bones, but he made sure we did all the routine checks while we were there and watched with delight as the kids enjoyed the land where he has spent so much of his life.  It was a great way to end the year!

Outnumbered by the kids...

This group is growing up!!! 

We celebrated pur annual Christmas get together with the Rau and Siemsglusz families last night.  9 kids vs. 6 adults is getting more manageable.  Thankfully we had a mild evening so the kids were able to release their energy outside. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at Toppe & Grandpa's

The Kemper Clan 2011

Toppe & Grandpa and their pride and joy!!!
Having fun at Toppe's... ready to open presents!
One for you, one for me.
Avery got some new kicks!
We may see a little dart action in the garage now.
Caleb in his sea of presents.
One of Avery's requests was Aggie flip flops.  Leave it to Aunt Candice and Uncle Steve to fulfill that request.  She insisted on wearing them home. 

Avery got a little warm while playing a mad game of Spoons with Toppe.  I didn't think they'd grasp the concept of the game, but they were being sneaky and grabbing spoons in no time.  I should also report that we put Toppe's Wii to use after a few card games.  After I beat Grandpa and Wes at jousting on Wii Resort Sports, Toppe showed me up.  She was the champ!  We had GREAT day!! 

Christmas morning 2011

This was the night before, minus the Santa presents with a glimpse of the bottom of the Christmas tree.
Passing out presents.
Santa drank all his milk and left a few cookie crumbs.
Spiderman bike!
Every little boy needs a coon cap.

Christmas with the Maurer Clan

Cousins!  We are family!  I might add that I failed to get a great shot of this group doing a cheer pyramid.
Santa made an early visit.
Maurer ladies.... love 'em.
The crew minus Caleb and Jaxon.

Me and the mother in law in our Christmas red.
Austin getting a gift from "Santa"
Excited to open more presents.

So let me explain this one.  Wes and I played Rockie and Kelcie in a game of pitch.  The loser had to do 5 push ups.  Good thing I have no proof of who lost the second game... though I think you can find this on Jamie Hafner's blog.

RECAP: Friday we spent the evening at Aunt Jerri's for Maurer Christmas.  No matter date or time, this group is guaranteed to have a good time.  They know the true meaning of family and I love that everyone is always included.  We enjoyed a visit from Santa, LOTS of snacks, an interesting game of Chinese gift exchange and a few games of intense pitch.

Christmas at Mimi and Popo's

One of the seven pairs of shoes Avery got for Christmas.  What little girl wouldn't love silver glitter Tom's?
A new belt and buckle.
His old boots had a lot of miles on them... this present from Mimi was a huge hit. 
Bruce helping put together a Transfomer.
Uncle Jason got the kids scooters. 
Mimi & Popo's traditional Chirstmas Picture 2011.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Avery's Special Night Out

 Avery & Uncle Steve on ice.
 Just Uncle Steve tied on ice skates.  Aunt Candice was behind the camera on safe ground.  Baby Kemper is just months from arrival and we need to keep him/her (I think it's a him) safe and off slippery ground. 
 She's a natural!
 Bedtime. Who is reading to who? 
Making a Gingerbread House for Toppe!

While the boys were hunting the week before Christmas, Avery headed to The Woodlands to have a night out with Uncle Steve and Aunt Candice.  She got to go shopping, went out to eat, ice skated and enjoyed some one on one time with her aunt and uncle. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Maurer Party of Five would like to wish  you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

My favorite ladies

 Forever Friends
 We love our mommas!
This lady is my VERY FAVORITE. 

Grabarschick Christmas

 I'm a little out of order with this one, but we did get together last weekend (Sunday) for Grabarschick Christmas.  This is our first Christmas without Granny G, but we know she was watching over us as we enjoyed the day together.  Here are all her great grandchildren.
 Present time!

Caleb loved his glove.