Friday, December 23, 2011

Just the boys...

Wes and the boys headed to Mason on Tuesday for a last chance hunt. Wes had one more deer he could shoot and he was on the mission for a spike. You didn't have to ask boys twice if they were ready to go.
 Gourmet pizza at deer camp.  Wes didn't have his usual hunting partners to make a "big man's meal" so they settled for frozen pizza.
The big kill of the weekend.  Wes got his spike and now our freezers are over flowing.   

With the boys gone, Avery and I decided we didn't want to sit at home.  Tuesday night we went out for dinner with Mimi and Toppe and then Wednesday Avery went to The Woodlands to spend the night with Aunt Candice and Uncle Steve.  She was excited to go see the nursery and they got to go ice skating that night!  It was a bit weird for us to be all spread out over the week, but we are back together just in time for family Christmas gatherings. 

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