Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at Toppe & Grandpa's

The Kemper Clan 2011

Toppe & Grandpa and their pride and joy!!!
Having fun at Toppe's... ready to open presents!
One for you, one for me.
Avery got some new kicks!
We may see a little dart action in the garage now.
Caleb in his sea of presents.
One of Avery's requests was Aggie flip flops.  Leave it to Aunt Candice and Uncle Steve to fulfill that request.  She insisted on wearing them home. 

Avery got a little warm while playing a mad game of Spoons with Toppe.  I didn't think they'd grasp the concept of the game, but they were being sneaky and grabbing spoons in no time.  I should also report that we put Toppe's Wii to use after a few card games.  After I beat Grandpa and Wes at jousting on Wii Resort Sports, Toppe showed me up.  She was the champ!  We had GREAT day!! 

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