Thursday, December 8, 2011

Caleb's 1st hunt

Want to see the look of one little boy who loves his daddy more than anything else in this world?  One who loves him so much that he insists on dressing like him, especially at bed time?  One that helps his daddy stay awake all the way to the deer lease (4 hrs) with nonstop chatter?  One that insists his daddy rub his back every night?
 Caleb was SO excited to get some one on one time with his daddy at the deer lease. 
 Maurer tradition - first hunt, you get your first pocket knife.  This is a pretty big knife for a little guy, but it is something he'll have to hold onto forever. 
 Getting ready to go sit in the blind.
This was the big kill of the weekend, a wild turkey.  Caleb was all excited when Wes shot him.  He gave us the full recap when he got home.  As I have mentioned, Caleb is our talker.... sometimes it is nonstop jabber.  I think Wes had plenty of the one on one chatter.  They wound up coming home a day early due to heavy rains in Mason.  So glad Caleb had such a great time on his first hunt.

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