Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa requests...

A&A&C have made it difficult for Santa this year.  Besides Caleb wanting a Spiderman bicycle, their requests have been very inconsistent.  One request from Austin was a "Batman set".  Apparently he saw this set on a tv commercial.  I let him know that Santa has lots of Batman toys and he was probably going to need to be more specific.  After a quick glance on the Toys R Us website, we determined this Batman set is a bit babyish and we were able to talk him out of it.  His new request - Optimus Prime Transformer.  I guess we can do that one. 
Avery's original #1 request was maroon flip flops.  She is enjoying rebelling on our UT family.  Well, this Santa didn't go to any trouble to find maroon flip flops, but her Aunt Candice did.  Now she says she wants green flip flops.  I'm on the hunt for those this afternoon.  I was hoping to have her some ribbon ones made, but the lady can't find her size flip flop to make them. 
Besides that we haven't had too many Christmas wants, that can't be because we give our kids too much throughout the year, could it?

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