Saturday, December 31, 2011

A beautiful New Years Eve Day

 Waiting for lunch... Wes, Austin & Grandpa Pete are waiting for the burgers on the pit to be ready.
 It was time to get Austin out to do a little hunting outside of a deer stand.  He and Wes walked along the creek looking for squirrels.  They finished with a total of 3.... and got a water turkey.
 Tree climbing.
Sneaking around the tank to finish off the water turkey.

My grandpa owns about 500 acres in Milano and it is a place we just don't utilize as much as we should.  We decided to head up there New Years Eve Day so the boys could do a little hunting outside of a blind and we could all enjoy a little activity and fresh air.  Wes and Austin grabbed their guns and walked the creek looking for squirrels.  Avery, Caleb and I explored the "old house" on the property and they both got a kick out of being told that houses back then didn't have restrooms inside.  After the house, we did our own walking along the creek and Avery found the perfect fallen tree for a balance beam across the dry creek.  After the hunters returned, we moved to a new location with Toppe, Grandpa Otto, and Grandpa Pete to fish (no bites), grill hamburgers, ride the 4-wheeler and climb trees.  It was one of those days where you look back and say "I'm really glad we did that."  Joining us most of the morning was my 97 yr old grandpa.  He's definitely slowing down and he stayed in the truck until the sun was full force to warm his weary bones, but he made sure we did all the routine checks while we were there and watched with delight as the kids enjoyed the land where he has spent so much of his life.  It was a great way to end the year!

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