Saturday, March 31, 2012


Back at Christmas I saw that Annie was coming to Theatre Under the Stars in Houston and let the Mimi and Toppe know that when tickets became available, we'd make it a girls night and go.  I loved the movie Annie when I was growing up!  What little girl didn't close their bedroom door and belt out "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"!?!?   Our reasons to go see the show grew when we found out Brenham's very own Sadie Sink would be playing the lead role of Annie.
 Girls Night!
 Avery is SO lucky to have these two ladies in her life.  They love girls night opportunities and we always have a fun time.

 We had dinner at the aquarium and Avery spent a good portion of the meal taking pics of the fish in the aquariums.  We'll definitely be going back soon with the boys.
 Ready to go to the show!  Not quite sure what face Avery is making??
All smiles before the show!

The show did not disappoint!  It was FANTASTIC and Miss Sadie Sink was amazing!  Such talent... she's got a bright future ahead of her.  I

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Father-Daughter Banquet

Tonight was the Girl Scout Father-Daughter Banquet.  This cute duo enjoyed their night out together.  I hear the girls did a great job teaching the dads the Chicken Dance and the Cha Cha Slide.

The boys and I had a date night of our own.  We headed downtown to Yumm for pizza and ice cream and a   late evening stroll.  It was a great night to be out and have two handsome boys by my side.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bath time sillies

This is how I found them after bath time Monday night....

Get a Hook on Cancer

 Saturday the kids participated in "Get a Hook on Cancer", an annual fundraiser that some good friends of ours put on every year in honor of a great man that they lost to cancer.  Part of the fundraiser is a a fishing tournament and all three kids and Wes participated.  Grandpa Otto came over to help out fishing since Wes was out with his buddy Todd fishing.

 One of the many perch that was caught.
 Fishing and still styling.
 The fishing crew.
 Caleb's prize for 2nd place perch stringer.
Austin's prize for 3rd place catfish.

After a morning of fishing, we spent the day out at Triple R Ranch for the Relay for Life "Get a Hook on Cancer" fundraiser.  It is always a great time!  I was in charge of the kids and their fishing, which meant Grandpa and Toppe were called to help out.  The boys both placed in the kids division and though Wes and Todd didn't place in fishing, the got first in the Washer Tournament.  The event included a live and silent auction and raffle.  Overall, the fundraiser brought in $33,000 that will to the American Cancer Society.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A day of fishing...

Round 1:  Our party of five loaded up to do a little bank fishing at Lake Somerville.  It is no secret that fishing is not on my list of the top 1000 ways to spend my time, but it was Friday, I had the day off and I was taking one for the team.  We found our spot on the bank and dragged out chairs, toys and fishing gear.  Wes threw out a few lines, the kids splashed and wound up getting drenched from head to two, we walked and picked a few wildflowers and in two hours time, we had 2 bites.  Two bites.  Good thing we packed good snacks.

On our way home, Wes got a call from  his dad who was out on the lake in the boat with Uncle Doug and they had limited out on white bass that morning and he wanted to know if Wes wanted to bring the kids out to catch more.  We didn't have life jackets so we' had to go back into town.

Round 2:  All three kids wanted to go out on the boat so when we got home from our morning trip, Wes grabbed life jackets, restocked the cooler and headed back out to the lake.  The fish were still biting and Wes played deck hand while the kids caught one white bass after another.

 Friday's Catch
 Fresh fish for dinner!
This was Saturday's catch.  Wes went back out with the A&C and the Rau boys.  Not quite the number from the day before, but still a good day's catch.

Spring Break

Spring Break 2012 - it's a wrap.  Tuesday I was able to get out of work early and pick up A&A&C for a date to the movies.  Confession - this is only the second time I have been to the theater with the kids and they have been at least a dozen times.  I'm not a big movie buff.  I don't mind skipping the big theater opening and renting from Red Box for $1.00.  After our $49 movie and snack bar date, I think I'll stick to Red Box.
Wednesday Mimi and Popo treated A&A&C to a trip out of town.  They headed to Austin to stay with Uncle Jason for the night and then went to Bertram for a steam train ride to Burnet.

 Coloring on the train.
 They just couldn't behave so they got locked up... kidding of course.
Mimi & Popo and one of the gun men from the gun show that was at the half way point of the train ride.

Thanks Mimi & Popo!!!  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring...

... and we let the kids go out and enjoy it!  So this probably goes against every rule in "Parenting 101", but after two days of being cooped up in the house due to the rains, it was time to give in and let the kids go out and burn off a little energy.  They were begging and pleading to jump on the tramploine in the rain when we got home from church on Sunday and we finally gave in.  They had a blast!  They warmed right up after a warm shower and dry change of clothes.  We are so thankful for the rain!

I should add that this trampoline has been one of our best purchases yet.  The only down side is that the kids find it much more fun if Wes or I is jumping with them so that we can bounce them super high.  That means we constantly hear "Mama will you jump with me.  Please... please... PLEASE!"  I spent 1.5 hours on the trampline Sunday afternoon once the rains cleared.  When I went out for a short run Monday afternoon, my legs were dead... wonder why? 

I want to also note that our new cousin Jack has his own blog now - "The Kempers".  It's listed on my blog roll.... check him out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't judge....

This article says so much of what has gone through my mind at different times as a parent....  like the times I have to run into town with my kids and it is obvious that there was no attempt to match their clothes or the bribes for good behavior.... and of course the stops at the drive thru donut shop.  I am no where near a perfect parent but dont' judge until you've been in my shoes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The family meets Jack

These pics are a bit out of sequence, but here are a few pics from when our whole crew got to meet cousin Jack for the first time at the hospital.  Jack is at home now and is doing great!  

Sunday, March 4, 2012


As I mentioned in a previous post, I had an out of body experience back in January and decided to sign up for a half marathon in College Station.  Well that half marathon was this morning and the good news is... I made it.  I was hoping to finish under the 2 hour mark and I pulled out a time of 1hour 55 minutes.  Mission accomplished!!  It was the perfect morning for a run - cool temps, sunshine, and no wind.  The course was fairly flat and fortunately when I started out, my legs felt like they were ready for the run and the cooperated with me the duration.
As I sat in the parking lot this morning at 6:15am, I questioned myself, "why are you doing this run?"  I've run this before and know I can do it.  I could still be sleeping and going to church with my family.  Did I really have anything to prove??  Not to anyone else, but maybe to myself.  I think in this crazy life, I sometimes feel pulled 6 different ways and often times feel I can barely keep up. I feel mediocre and need to be reminded that I can do something I put my mind to.  I was reminded of that today. It felt great crossing that finish line!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Meet Jack Elliott!!

 Jack Elliott Kemper, born 2-29-2012 (Leap Year Baby!), 8lbs 5oz, 
 Look at all that hair!
 I love this little man!!
Mom and baby ready to go home from the hospital.

I am an aunt! Wes is an uncle!  A&A&C have a cousin!  Jack Elliott decided he didn't want to wait until his March 8th due date, but instead wanted to bust into this world as a Leap Year baby.  Around 4:30am Wednesday morning both Wes and I received a message from Steven saying they were in at the hospital and a niece/nephew would likely arrive that day.  Toppe and Grandpa made their way to the hospital and we texted all morning with updates.  Just before 2pm the big news came.. it was a boy!!  
Ironically I had a conference in The Woodlands Wed - Fri so I was able to see Jack on his bday.  Looking at his little cheeks for the first time, I knew it was love at first sight!.  It's been 4 years since someone that small tugged at my heart strings.  This little man is adorable and as I held him in my arms I was quickly reminded of the amount of love that can be felt for a newborn.  Everything about him is just right!  
Wes brought the kids up to The Woodlands on Thursday to meet their new cousin for the first time.  Avery was anxious to hold him for the first time.  Austin thought he was pretty cool, and enjoyed holding his pacifier in place.  Caleb wasn't quite too sure of the whole thing and he really didn't like when it got close to eating time and Jack wailed to let us all know it.  
Congrats Steven & Candice on your new family addition.  Jack is a keeper!!!