Sunday, March 4, 2012


As I mentioned in a previous post, I had an out of body experience back in January and decided to sign up for a half marathon in College Station.  Well that half marathon was this morning and the good news is... I made it.  I was hoping to finish under the 2 hour mark and I pulled out a time of 1hour 55 minutes.  Mission accomplished!!  It was the perfect morning for a run - cool temps, sunshine, and no wind.  The course was fairly flat and fortunately when I started out, my legs felt like they were ready for the run and the cooperated with me the duration.
As I sat in the parking lot this morning at 6:15am, I questioned myself, "why are you doing this run?"  I've run this before and know I can do it.  I could still be sleeping and going to church with my family.  Did I really have anything to prove??  Not to anyone else, but maybe to myself.  I think in this crazy life, I sometimes feel pulled 6 different ways and often times feel I can barely keep up. I feel mediocre and need to be reminded that I can do something I put my mind to.  I was reminded of that today. It felt great crossing that finish line!

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The Schramm Clan said...

Jamie--I think you are awesome and that it is COMPLETELY awesome that you ran:) If you have another out of body experience call me and we can do it together:)