Sunday, March 18, 2012

A day of fishing...

Round 1:  Our party of five loaded up to do a little bank fishing at Lake Somerville.  It is no secret that fishing is not on my list of the top 1000 ways to spend my time, but it was Friday, I had the day off and I was taking one for the team.  We found our spot on the bank and dragged out chairs, toys and fishing gear.  Wes threw out a few lines, the kids splashed and wound up getting drenched from head to two, we walked and picked a few wildflowers and in two hours time, we had 2 bites.  Two bites.  Good thing we packed good snacks.

On our way home, Wes got a call from  his dad who was out on the lake in the boat with Uncle Doug and they had limited out on white bass that morning and he wanted to know if Wes wanted to bring the kids out to catch more.  We didn't have life jackets so we' had to go back into town.

Round 2:  All three kids wanted to go out on the boat so when we got home from our morning trip, Wes grabbed life jackets, restocked the cooler and headed back out to the lake.  The fish were still biting and Wes played deck hand while the kids caught one white bass after another.

 Friday's Catch
 Fresh fish for dinner!
This was Saturday's catch.  Wes went back out with the A&C and the Rau boys.  Not quite the number from the day before, but still a good day's catch.

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October Smith said...

We had the same luck as your first day...2 bites and they had to be thrown back. :( At least the girls got their first taste of fishing.