Sunday, March 23, 2014

Little League Opening Day

Let the fun begin!!  Yep.... spring time is here and our schedule just got crazier!  Little League Opening Day was the kick off to our evenings at the ballpark.... literally every night at the ballpark.  Austin is a Texas Ranger in the 7-yr old pitching maching division.  Avery is a Diamond Diva in the pee wee softball division and Caleb is an Atlanta Brave in the 6-yr old tball/coach pitch division.  Wes is helping with all 3 teams (yes, another reason he deserves "dad of the year") and I'll be there to help as much as I can and will have more time once my season is over.  

Can't wait to see these 3 in action on the field!

Rainy Day Fun


It's time to plant.  Potatoes, onions, and cabbage were already planted.  Corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, okra, corn, squash, and zucinni have now been added.  With a little rain, warmer weather, and TLC we hope to have some fresh vegetables!

We also added some mulch to our flower beds around the house.  Everyone wanted in on the action!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Jack!

Conductor Jack celebrated his 2nd birthday this past weekend!  It's always a treat when we get to spend time with him!  I had to miss out to coach at a tournament so Wes and the kids were able to eat my share of cake.  Happy Bday Jack, we love you!

New Ride

After 7 years, 120,000 miles, stained carpet, worn out leather seats, and way too many memories to mention, we said "adios" to the Murano and joined the Suburban driving families of small town Texas.  I'm loving all the little "extras" but my favorite is more space!!  The kids aren't elbow to elbow in one row and there's more room for all our "stuff" that gets drug around from activity to activity.  Lots of momories to be made on the road in our new ride.


This kid has been sporting a new accessory.  Last fall we noticed him squinting quite a bit and he started saying he was having a tough time seeing the board from the back of the classroom.  After an eye appointment and glasses fitting, he is now able to see a little clearer.  At first he was only wearing his glasses at school, but I think he realized things would be clearer if he wore the specs all the time.  

More of Caleb's bday!