Tuesday, June 25, 2013

British Soccer Camp

A&A&C spent last week kicking around the soccer ball and learing some new quick moves.  3 hours every morning in the heat made for 3 tired, sweaty kiddos but they never once complained.  They were ready to go back each day.  I think they enjoyed listening to the coaches British accents... so did I!!  The coaches made it super fun for the kids and even taught them a little bit about countries where soccer is a big sport, yes... bigger than US football. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Super Dad!!!

What can I say, when it comes to the dad department, Maurer Party of Five is REALLY lucky.  We've got a hands on dad who doesn't mind taking the time to show us how things work, exposes us to so many outdoor hobbies and enjoys a wrestle challenge before bedtime.  Happy Father's Day, Wes!  We love you!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baseball Camp

This guy had a great week at baseball camp this week.  It was a local camp put on by high school coaches and players and this was Austin's first year to be able to attend.  I was a little worried because Austin is such a "sweater" and he hates to sweat... not a good combination.  He's got the Keen blood that causes beads of sweat to form when temps are above 81 degrees.  He didn't mind the heat and was excited to go back everyday.  He got the "Wheeler" award for his speed and we now have about 75 new baseball cards to add to our collection as they received a card from the coach when they did something good.  Very proud of him!

Boat + Tube = summer fun!

Wes is taking one for the team this summer by playing daddy daycare on Fridays, his day off when he really likes to try and get projects done around the house.  Their first Friday off , they picked up Popo and headed out to the lake to fish for a little bit and do a little tubing.  Kids loved it!  Can't wait to join them.   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another hurdle...

Why does she get to go to a friend's house and I don't? 
Why does he get to go to baseball camp and I don't? 
Why does he get to have a friend over and I don't? 
Why do they get to pack their lunch for school and I don't?

These are all things heard recently in our house.  It's a new hurdle we're trying to get over... the one where we try to explain that life is not "fair" and not everyone gets to do the same things all the time.  It's not always the easiest thing to explain and for the kids, it's definitely difficult to understand. 

We often feel like we are raising triplets as they are so close in age and for the most part require the same amount of parenting.  Up until this point, they pretty much do the same things outside of school together.

But, we're getting to an age where play dates and sleepovers are getting more common.  Each has a different circle of friends and within that circle there are different dynamics.  There's the circle where we are very comfortable with all the parents and there's the circle where we are just getting to know the parents.  It's all part of the hurdle we are trying to get past. 

Caleb is especiallly struggling with this.  He got the raw end of the deal as he is younger but loves to run with the big guys.  This was evident in the tantrum he threw when Austin put on baseball pants Monday morning for baseball camp.  He just didn't understand why he couldn't go (camp was for ages 6 and up).Then today, Avery had to pack her lunch for Bible Camp at St. Paul's, this was something for the Kinder - 5th graders.  Well, Caleb did not understand why he didn't get to pack his lunch and she did.  He was doing Bible Camp too but jsut half a day.  To save the meltdown performance from yesterday, I packed his lunch and sent a note trying to explain my dilemma. 

I know this is just the beginning of learing how "life isn't fair".  I just wish this was the most difficult example of this lesson.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Growing up...

The other night I was downloading pics from the camera and this one stopped me in my tracks.  Look at the 3 kids in this picture.  They are my "babies".  When did they get so big??  Look at Austin!  He's sprouting up.  Avery is 6 going on 13.  Caleb is his daddy made over, he just talks A LOT more.  Looking at this pic I am reminded that their time under our roof is limited.  The day will come when they start a life of their own.  No time to worry about that, but it is a reminder that we should enjoy the love and laughter they bring to our lives everyday.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Our little gymnast

Avery loves gymnastics and from what little gymnastics knowledge I have, I'd say she's pretty good  at it.  She's limber, strong, agile and smooth in her movements.  This past Sat, Avery had her end of the year gymnastics recital and was able to show us all what she could do.  This year's recital was a big deal because she was going to do her back handspring, something she's been working hard on all spring.  She was a little nervous, but we all knew she could do it.  And she did!  We saw two back handsprings and lots more flip flopping around!

Avery and her gymnastics BFF, Emma Kate

Avery's biggest fans

One proud gymnast after her performance

Pig hunter

Friday, after the last day of school, one that ended at noon, Wes picked up the boys and headed to Milano to "mess around" on the farm.  They were going to check the deer feeder, cast the fishing poles, and enjoy some down time with the boys.  While walking around in "star bottom", they saw wild hogs... lots of wild hogs.  It was broad daylight and Wes was able to get pretty close to them.  Austin grabbed his gun and this was the result.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandpa Otto!!!

Grandpa Otto celebrated the big 6-0 a few weeks ago!  I have hard time believing he's 60.  If  you know him, you know he doesn't look or act his age.  He's a geat fishing partner for the kids and they don't have to ask him twice to throw baseballs with them.  He's pretty good kickball player too!
We celebrated at Aunt Candice & Uncle Steve's with fun in the sun and birthday cake!

Ocean Treasure Pre K - Caleb

Of course Caleb had a GREAT Pre-K year as an Ocean Treasure at St. Paul's CDS.  He was in a class with his 2 best buds Ethan and Jase, he got to go home everyday in 3:30pm carline (a big deal for him) and he had Ms. Winkelmann as a teacher!  Caleb's our social kid... school is more about who he gets to see and talk to opposed to the actual class activities.  Caleb is a smart little dude, following in his brother and sister's footsteps.  He can't wait for Kindergarten!!

Caleb's last day of Pre-K at St. Paul's was very bittersweet.  I made it a point to walk him into school on the last day, not just for him, but for me.  I needed to walk that hall.  Man, I'm going to miss that place during the school year.  St. Paul's CDS has been AMAZING!!!  We are truly blessed that this institution guided our kids in Christian education in their early years.  Their staff is second to none as they are caring, loving, sincere, and genuine.  I knew A&A&C were safe and in the best care I could hope for everyday that I dropped them off.  You can't put a price on peace of mind and I never once worried about my "babies" when I dropped them off.  We are going to miss St. Paul's, but like the old saying goes, "the show must go on."

A&A - Kinder 2013

I wasn't sure what to expect as we headed into the 2013 school year back in September.  A&A were transfering to public school after 4 years in a private setting and they were repeating Kindergarten.  I was scared Avery would be bored, was worried that they wouldn't have any of their friends in their class, and didn't know how they'd adjust to the new environment.  Turns out there was nothing to worry about.  They LOVED their Kindergarten year at Brenham Elementary School.  BES was so great for so may reasons, but the #1 reason was Ms. Deramus.  She is that teacher that every Kindergartener deserves.  She LOVES to read and wants her students to share that with her.  She saw that Avery loved to be a "teacher" and help others and she gave her those opportunities and also made sure Avery continued to excel in her reading skills.  She guided Austin to be a great reader and gave him opportunities to show off his drawing abilities.  Two days before school was out, Avery told me, "Mom, I'm don't want school to be over.  I won't get to see Ms. Deramus everyday.  I love her and she loves me."  What a great thing to hear as a parent!!!  Next year's teacher has big shoes to fill.  I think A&A will forever remember Ms. Deramus and that makes this mama really happy!

Mrs. Deramus & A&A celebrating their summer birthday.

Avery receiving her awards at the end of school.

Austin receiving his awards at the end of school.

Austin and a few of his "Amazing Monkey" friends.

Avery and her sweet "Amazing Monkey" friends.