Saturday, June 1, 2013

A&A - Kinder 2013

I wasn't sure what to expect as we headed into the 2013 school year back in September.  A&A were transfering to public school after 4 years in a private setting and they were repeating Kindergarten.  I was scared Avery would be bored, was worried that they wouldn't have any of their friends in their class, and didn't know how they'd adjust to the new environment.  Turns out there was nothing to worry about.  They LOVED their Kindergarten year at Brenham Elementary School.  BES was so great for so may reasons, but the #1 reason was Ms. Deramus.  She is that teacher that every Kindergartener deserves.  She LOVES to read and wants her students to share that with her.  She saw that Avery loved to be a "teacher" and help others and she gave her those opportunities and also made sure Avery continued to excel in her reading skills.  She guided Austin to be a great reader and gave him opportunities to show off his drawing abilities.  Two days before school was out, Avery told me, "Mom, I'm don't want school to be over.  I won't get to see Ms. Deramus everyday.  I love her and she loves me."  What a great thing to hear as a parent!!!  Next year's teacher has big shoes to fill.  I think A&A will forever remember Ms. Deramus and that makes this mama really happy!

Mrs. Deramus & A&A celebrating their summer birthday.

Avery receiving her awards at the end of school.

Austin receiving his awards at the end of school.

Austin and a few of his "Amazing Monkey" friends.

Avery and her sweet "Amazing Monkey" friends.

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