Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013... it's been real, it's been fun...

We made some great memories in 2013.   We are a family on the go.. go... go.... With 3 active kiddos and 2 parents that want to be in the mix, we are never in one place for too long.  We love that grandparents and extended family are close by to help out and watch A&A&C do some pretty amazing things.

 Family ski trip to Steamboat, CO

Our new addition... Rookie!

 Spring was busy with 3 tball schedules

Wes & I completed the Tough Mudder... and lived to tell about it.  Loved it so much we are signed up for another in May of 2014

Avery continues to love gymnastics

Tubing fun.

Austin's first baseball camp

Port Aransas with Mimi and Popo

Boliver with the Kempers

Sea World with daddy!

Dove hunters

First day of school 2014 - 2-1st graders and a Kindergartener

Friday Night Lights with the Brenham Cubs

Halloween 2013

Austin's 1st Buck

Hunting memories

Always love when we get to spend time with cousin Jack

Soccer time!

Maurer Party of Five 2013

Stay tuned to see what we're up to in 2014....  lots of good times to come.

Mason Deer Lease

The last night the guys were at the deer lease, they had a visit from the land owner.  She's an older lady and said she's getting too old to keep up with the land and camphouse. She is going to let a neighbor run/lease all the land, meaning that this was the last trip to this lease for the Maurer boys.  It wasn't the news they were looking for.  Wes has really enjoyed the small hunting group on this lease and enjoys being able to bring the boys along for weekend hunts.  Every lease has it's own rules and this one really matched what the guys wanted/needed in a hunting lease.
So, the "hunt" is on for another lease... if one can be found that meets our needs and wallet.

The boys have lots of great memories from Mason.  It was great for card playing...

cookies and milk after a long day in the deer blind...

movie watching to pass time during the day...

And when hunting takes everything out of ya, you can fall asleep with your hand in the cheetos bag on the luxurious blue recliner...

 Mason deer hunting is sure to wear you out!

Hope we can find a place for the boys to hunt so they can continue to share special memories with their dad doing something he loves and continue to fill our freezer.

Last hunt of the Season

The day after Christmas, Wes and the boys headed to Mason for the last hunt of the season.  With a new pair of binoculars and walkie talkies, the boys were ready to get into the woods and shoot something.

They made it back with lots of meat for the freezer.... one turkey and 2 does, both shot by Austin.

 The deer had no chance with this guy on the look out!

Keen Christmas

We don't get to see the Keen family that often but when we do, it's always a good time.  Below are all the great grandkids from grandma and grandpa Keen.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas morning 2014

After staying up very late Christmas Eve with the Maurer Clan, we thoght the kids may sleep in a little later but at 7am we heard something stirring.  Avery was the first to wake.  She woke up her brothers and Wes and I could hear them walking into the living room to look under the tree.  There was no big excitement, no loud screams... in fact they didn't make a peep for about 30 minutes. Then Avery came in the room and asked "When are y'all going to get up?!?"  It was the least we could do to get out of bed to see our kiddos unwrap presents on Christmas morning :)

Avery's AG doll Julie racked up this year.... she got a bed, vanity with closet, and outfits galore.  We had to set up her own special area in Avery's room.

Austin's #1 request from Santa... a remote control helicopter.

Caleb is a huge Denver Broncos/Peyton Manning fan.  He now has orange/blue apparel for any weather and he's ready to jump on the field in case they need back up.

Lens was foggy... only decent pic I got of all 3 of them before Santa gifts were opened.  

Uncle Jason stayed with us for a few days.  That was a Christmas present in itself.  The kids LOVE to have him around (and so do we)!

Christmas with the Kempers

After Santa gifts and a midmorning nap (all but Wes), we loaded up and headed to Toppe and Grandpa's.  The afternoon was filled with eating, gift unwrapping, and card playing.  Always a good time!

Christmas with the Maurers

We celebrated Christmas with Mimi & Popo Monday night and then headed to Aunt Dorothy's with the big Maurer Clan on Christmas Eve, after church.  The kids had many of their Christmas wishes fulfilled and we were once again reminded how blessed we are to have a village to help us raise our crew.