Thursday, December 19, 2013


We have had our fair share of germs lately!  Last Tuesday Avery had a stomach bug hit her in the middle of the night and Wes stayed home with her on Wednesday.  Thursday evening Wes comes down with the bug.  A few hours later it hits me and a couple hours after that it jumps on Caleb!  What a night!  On Friday Wes and I split time staying home with the boys while we all recouped.  Austin stayed home because he said his stomach hurt...I am pretty sure he was playing hooky that day.
Monday is when it finally caught up with Austin...We got a call from school that morning saying Austin had thrown up.  He went to Mimi and Popo's for the day to get back on his feet.
Tuesday morning Avery wakes up with fever and she too got to spend the day with Mimi and Popo.  We set her up a doctor's appointment that afternoon and found out she has the flu!  Great!  Wes stayed home with her Wednesday and started feeling bad himself.  Today Avery made a partial day of school and Wes made a trip to the doctor.  Everyone seems to be on the up-swing tonight.
Thanks Mimi and Popo for helping out.
Hopefully we are done being sick!

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