Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best job eva'

I love being a wife and a mom to this crew.  Our days aren't perfect but at the end of every day there is so much that I have to be thankful for and at the top of that list is my family.

A few pics from Mothers Day




Silly boy

Never a dull moment around here.

Tough Mudder...once just wasn't enough

Last year, Wes and I completed our first Tough Mudder.  It was something very outside of my box and after crossing the finish line, I was pretty certain that was my first and only 10 mile obstacle course in the mud.  Wrong!  Wes was ready for more punishment and before I knew it, we were rushing to sign up again.

This year has been so incredibly busy.  There has been no time for "training", just an occasional 30  minute run here and there.  When Sunday, May 4th rolled around, ready or not.... we were going muddin'.

Our team, "clean" - Justin, Christine, Wes & I, Steven S, Kelcie, & Rockie


Wes & I:  Before

Wes & I: After Mud Mile

 1st obstacle:  Crawling under barbed wire, on our bellies, through the mud

Wes in the mud!

Good times!

Team work through the Mud Mile

Pyramid Scheme:  get your team up this wall.  The catch:  wall is slanted, no grip, muddy, and tall!

The start of our pyramid.

Finally getting somewhere

Here they are trying to pull me up.... teamwork required!

Now Wes's turn!

Running in the fields.... Toppe and Gpa brought the kids up to watch and this was the first time we saw them.

Getting over the wall!

More muddy water

Wes conquering the Funky Monkey.

Here we just got out of the Arctic Enema.... we jumped in a huge ice bath, had to submerge ourselves to get underneath the boards in the middle and then climbed back out.  So COLD it HURT!

Family feud... spectators could throw the tether balls to try to knock us off.

3 hours later... the FINISH LINE

Our crew!

Finishers!!!  We still have on our ORANGE bands here, but for completing out 2nd Mudder, we got a lime green head band.  These are big deals as you wear them along the course to let others know how many Tough Mudders you've completed.  We'll have to see if we try for the 3rd year:  Blue.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maifest Minon

Maifest has come and gone... again.  Every year, it seems like it takes more and more time but when the night finally arrives, we sit and enjoy our small town celebration with family and friends.  This year, Avery was the only that participated.  She and a bunch of her friends were Minions (Despicable Me) and put on an adorable show as they dance to YMCA and Gangham Style.

 Parade watching with Jack!

Farm day

This time of year a Saturday is set aside to work cows in Milano.  This entails giving cows shots and taking away the male calve's manhood.  It's is a big guy's job, but this year, the kids and I came up  just in time to see the last few calves through the chute and then we hung around for a little pond fishing and bb gun shooting.

Cowboy Wes

Who know's what he's looking for????

I gave the ol' bb gun a try.