Friday, October 10, 2014

Soccer X3

These crazy kids have us running all week long to soccer games.  Love it!  Hello Fall!

Date Night

Wes has always wanted to see Zach Brown Band in concert so when tickets went on sell just weeks before his birthday I thought "score!"  We wound up with tickets with my bro & sis in-law and mom.  It was a great night at the CWM Pavilion on The Woodlands.  Zach put on a GREAT show and this was a random selfie attempt.... ha ha....

More Sept

I'm the most behind I've ever been on the blog.... we are busy and I just haven't taken the time to sit at the computer to get it done.  So all of Sept has been wrapped up in one sitting.  Here are a few more pics of how we've been spending our time....

Junkin' in Warrenton....

Friday night lights with friends....

Wedding fun....

Hurricane Odile

At the CCA crawfish boil last April, I bravely raised my hand to bid on a fishing trip to Cabo San Lucas in the live auction.  I had a set price and low and behold the trip went for that set price... to me. The thing was, Wes didn't know I was bidding on the trip so you better believe he was surprised to hear the name "maurer" called as the winning bidder of the trip.  He was so happy.... or maybe not?
The trip was for 4 nights at a condo in Cabo San Lucas at Red Rum Fishing, 6 people, 2 full days of fishing.  We were going with the Raus & Siemsglusz's and had set the trip for Sept 13th - 17th.  We'd leave on a Sat and come back the Wednesday of fair holiday.  As the departure date got closer, we noticed the rain chances in Cabo increasing.  Then it seems that Hurricane Odile was planning to visit Cabo the same weekend we would be there.  The destruction path was right for Cabo.  After much debating and weather channel watching, we postponed our trip.  Good thing!!!  Cabo had some major destruction, the port was closed, airport was shut down, no electricity.... it would have been miserable.  
We've rebooked  for January.  Can't wait!

Washington County Fair 2014

We only made it out for one night at the WCF and had a great time, just wish I had more pics to show for it. We made sure to get down to the fairgrounds early to get in a few rides and then watch the rodeo.  Austin and Caleb were able to get in last minute to do mutton bustin'.  Austin was just a second or two away from winning a buckle!  He held on as tight as he could, as long as he could!
This will likely be out last year to just be observers in the fair.  Next year, be sure to be on the look out for the return of Maurer rabbits.  The have a legacy to uphold.

Another master piece

So PROUD of this guy and his artistic abilities.  He got reserved grand champion with this drawing at the fair this year.  He is constantly drawing.... always has a spiral notebook and pencil in  hand.

Rainy Homecoming

We so needed rain....  just not on homecoming night.  As the players ran out from the locker room onto the field the drops started to fall out of the sky and they never ceased.  They didn't just fall out of the sky, the came with a vengeance.  The stands cleared out minus the die hards in ponchos.  We headed to the Boys & Girls Club for the back up plan of half time festivities in doors.  A&A were part of the homecoming court & were excited to still be a part of the crowning of the homecoming queen.  

Homecoming Parade

One of the joys of small town living is a good ol' downtown parade.  We have them for  just about everything, including Homecoming.  Homecoming fell early this year, 3rd week of school!   A&A were asked to be of the Junior Court so they had their own special "ride" in the parade and Caleb rode with the football team and his future cub player.  It was a little warm, but a fun time for all the Cub fans!

Caleb's 1st tooth fairy visit

This guy lost his 1st tooth!!!  Tooth fairy is making frequent trips to the Maurer household these days.

Birds Beware

First weekend in Sept, always means a little dove hunting.  Love that the kids can suit up and walk out the back door to do a little bird hunting.  There weren't as many flying this year, but we still had a great meal of bacon wrapped dove.  

When I asked Caleb if he had shot any birds, he replied "nah, I just pop their heads off".  Oh dear!