Friday, October 10, 2014

Hurricane Odile

At the CCA crawfish boil last April, I bravely raised my hand to bid on a fishing trip to Cabo San Lucas in the live auction.  I had a set price and low and behold the trip went for that set price... to me. The thing was, Wes didn't know I was bidding on the trip so you better believe he was surprised to hear the name "maurer" called as the winning bidder of the trip.  He was so happy.... or maybe not?
The trip was for 4 nights at a condo in Cabo San Lucas at Red Rum Fishing, 6 people, 2 full days of fishing.  We were going with the Raus & Siemsglusz's and had set the trip for Sept 13th - 17th.  We'd leave on a Sat and come back the Wednesday of fair holiday.  As the departure date got closer, we noticed the rain chances in Cabo increasing.  Then it seems that Hurricane Odile was planning to visit Cabo the same weekend we would be there.  The destruction path was right for Cabo.  After much debating and weather channel watching, we postponed our trip.  Good thing!!!  Cabo had some major destruction, the port was closed, airport was shut down, no electricity.... it would have been miserable.  
We've rebooked  for January.  Can't wait!

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