Friday, October 10, 2014

Caleb's 1st tooth fairy visit

This guy lost his 1st tooth!!!  Tooth fairy is making frequent trips to the Maurer household these days.


Stuart Fleming said...

Wow! I can't believe Caleb has already lost his first tooth. He really is growing up pretty fast. Anyway, I hope he welcomes the tooth fairy with open arms, just like all kids do. Hahaha! Make sure he keeps his pearly whites brushed day and night! All the best! :)

Stuart Fleming @ Dr. Hatfield D.D.S.

Freddie Gray said...

Caleb is so cute with that gapped smile. Hahaha! That is definitely the smile of a champ who bravely lost his first baby tooth. In any case, he must've been pretty excited to have met the tooth fairy. That is a good tradition, and I'm glad that your family is keeping to it. Thanks for sharing that! Take care! :)

Freddie Gray @ Ballantyne Center For Dentistry