Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another hurdle...

Why does she get to go to a friend's house and I don't? 
Why does he get to go to baseball camp and I don't? 
Why does he get to have a friend over and I don't? 
Why do they get to pack their lunch for school and I don't?

These are all things heard recently in our house.  It's a new hurdle we're trying to get over... the one where we try to explain that life is not "fair" and not everyone gets to do the same things all the time.  It's not always the easiest thing to explain and for the kids, it's definitely difficult to understand. 

We often feel like we are raising triplets as they are so close in age and for the most part require the same amount of parenting.  Up until this point, they pretty much do the same things outside of school together.

But, we're getting to an age where play dates and sleepovers are getting more common.  Each has a different circle of friends and within that circle there are different dynamics.  There's the circle where we are very comfortable with all the parents and there's the circle where we are just getting to know the parents.  It's all part of the hurdle we are trying to get past. 

Caleb is especiallly struggling with this.  He got the raw end of the deal as he is younger but loves to run with the big guys.  This was evident in the tantrum he threw when Austin put on baseball pants Monday morning for baseball camp.  He just didn't understand why he couldn't go (camp was for ages 6 and up).Then today, Avery had to pack her lunch for Bible Camp at St. Paul's, this was something for the Kinder - 5th graders.  Well, Caleb did not understand why he didn't get to pack his lunch and she did.  He was doing Bible Camp too but jsut half a day.  To save the meltdown performance from yesterday, I packed his lunch and sent a note trying to explain my dilemma. 

I know this is just the beginning of learing how "life isn't fair".  I just wish this was the most difficult example of this lesson.

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