Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I'm not sure I have any "followers" of this blog and if I do, they have probably up and left by now.  This blog has been put on the back burner the past few weeks, but I'll get caught up.... in due time.

Maurer Party of Five is still alive and kickin', just moving so fast at times that we don't have that extra time to sit down and put our thoughts and pictures on paper, or a blog post.

We are five weeks into school.  A&A&C are loving just about every minute of it.  I say "just about" because there have been a few mornings where they are not jumping out of bed with smiles on their faces ready to conquer the day.  Instead they roll over and say "I don't want to go to school."  It takes a few minutes to get them going but once they are up and on their feet, we usually are able to turn the frown upside down.

Soccer practice started last week and we'll start games next week... 3 teams, 3 game schedule = lots of soccer.  Wes is coaching Austin's team and helping with Avery's team.  I'll be packing shin guard and cleats and cheering on everyone from the side lines.

Last week was fair time in Washington County.  We made it down for two nights, week nights... school nights... which made for tired kiddos (and parents!).  I managed to get a few pics and will share in one of the "in due time" blog posts.

I'm week 5 into teaching and starting to feel a little more settled.  I live by the motto "Make it through the 1st year".  Seems like every week you have a new curve ball thrown at ya and you just have to adjust to it.  I really do like the teaching part of the job and enjoy being with students in the classroom... most of the students.  I've got a 6th period kid that drives me crazy (ADHD!?!) but that is a whole nother blog post.   I'm really looking forward to getting more time with the softball girls once season starts.  They are a great group of athletes and I'm excited to see what all we can make happen.

Can't wait for fall!!  Guess it is kind of here, but really ready for those cooler temps where we can start Saturday mornings off watching Game Day with the windows up.  We are still rooting on The Horns even though the season isn't quite in our favor.  Thinking a little change would do us all some good.  With fall upon us, Wes is gearing up for the big hunt.  Bring on the camo!

I hope to get more posted soon!  Stay tuned!

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