Sunday, April 13, 2014

Will run for ice cream!

The past 3 years, Maurer Party of 5 has participated in the Blue Bell Fun Run in some form or fashion.  A&A&C ran the Kids Mile the past 2 years and Wes and I would run one of the longer runs.  This year, I had to help work the event as part of my coaching duties.  Caleb decided to go stay at a friends house so that left Wes with A&A.  They all decided to run the 5K.  I admit I was a little leary of A&A going the full 3 mile trek.  I thought surely they'd give out after about a mile.  I set myself up along the finish line about 30 minuntes into the race thinking I'd see them 10 minutes later, putting their finish time at 40 minutes.  I was blown away when I saw them crossing the line shortly after I sat down.  They finished with a chip time of 31:20!!!  Amazing!  I was SO proud.  They only walked a very short bit and they were rewarded with all the ice cream they could eat.  
Being silly before the run.

Toppe & Grandpa partcipated too.

Missing Caleb before the start.

3 great finishes!

She threw a cup of water over her head after the finish.

Worn out and taking it easy with ice cream in hand.

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