Thursday, November 20, 2008

9 months old

Caleb Wesley is 9 months old!!! Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the look on everyone's face when we told them we were expecting again. I still don't know who Caleb looks like. When I compare him to pics of Avery & Austin, I think he favors Avery. Still there are times we see someone for the first time in a while and they say he looks just like Austin. I guess he looks just like Caleb!!!
Caleb is crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, and I think we will see him taking his first steps sooner than later. He's a great eater, prefers table food compared to the bottled baby food. He has been sleeping through the night for months now and LOVES to cuddle and give opne mouth kisses. Sometimes he will just bury his head in your shoulder and snuggle. Laugh... laugh... laugh... nothing sweeter than hearing Caleb laugh and fortunetely it's something we get to hear a lot. He likes to have your attention and therefore isn't a big fan of being set down and left alone. He'd prefer to be held or really loves to sit down on the floor and play with us. Avery and Austin love their baby brother. Avery likes to help change his diaper and when he starts to stir in the morning, she says "Mama, Caleb wake. Go get him." Then we both go in his room and before I can pick him up, she is saying, "Good morning, Caleb. How are you today?" Caleb just smiles....

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