Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spanish and Gross Motor

I am not the type of mom that puts her kids on a pedestal and claims for them to be far more advanced than others their age. Don't get me wrong, I think our kids are pretty amazing kids, but it is hard for me to describe them using the word "genius" when they get a kick out of calling each other "pootie head" and then laugh hysterically. Considering that it was 6th grade before I even considered saying a spanish word, I think it is pretty amazing that my 3 yr olds can count to 10 in spanish and can tell us most of the colors in Spanish. "Mr. D" comes on Wednesdays to their school and he's amazing and he's obviously teaching the kids something.
Today on the way home from work/school I was asking the routine questions about what they did at school. I asked if Mr. D had come, knowing he had been there yesterday, and Austin said, "No, mom, we didn't go to the library or see Mr. D today. We went to gross motor." Gross motor???? I'm pretty sure we called it PE. Love it!!!!

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