Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ahhh... retirement

Right now, retirement is something I can only dream of, but for Popo it's the real deal. A few months ago, LCRA got it's last day of work out of my father-in-law and he is now living the good life - coffee drinking with the men in the mornings, a workout at the gym (yes, he really does this), fishing, spending time in the rabbit barn and now there is always time for nap time. Of course I am selfishly glad he has retired because it gives us one more person to help out with the kids on sick days or if something comes up and we have been able to take advantage of it already. Truth is Popo is great with the kids and he loves spending time with them. I try my best not to spring all 3 of them on him at one time.
We will be celebrating his retirement tonight at the Green Door...
Happy Retirement, Popo!

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