Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last minute change of venue

If you are looking to read something funny or news worthy in this post, sorry... maybe next time. In fact this post is going to discuss the always exciting -pretend you are having fun -family reunion... in this case, the Naumann family reunion. My dad's mom, Elcie, was a Naumann "from home" and she was one of 7 - 5 girls and 2 boys. I have childhood memories of getting together with this side of the family around Christmas time and the thing that sticks out in my head the most is all the sisters in the kitchen laughing, ok not laughing - cackling (sp?). It went on for hours... and you could hear it throughout the entire house. Good times.
Let me get back to why this reunion is blog worthy.... the Naumann side of the family has not gotten together in over 10 years. Sure there have been weddings and funerals, but nothing laid back for the family to sit and enjoy visiting with each other. A few months ago, my dad and a few cousins set up a reunion for Sunday, July 10th at Gun & Rod - club house with bbq lunch, swimming and fishing for the kids. Well Friday night - 2 days before the reunion - we were all at Gun & Rod swimming and realized that the wrong date had been booked for the reunion. They had it on the books for Saturday, not Sunday and it was booked for someone else that Sunday. Panic!!! It was too hot to ask everyone to stay outside and the date couldn't be changed. What to do?!? Pretty sure someone/thing overtook my body when I blurted out "we can have it at our house."

It took a few last minute phones calls, and that is just what we did and man what a great day we all had - seriously. The adults all congregated in different areas in the house and in the back yard. The kids had plenty of play options and our family from Houston and their 7 kids loved the country outdoors. We had a huge lunch and since we provided our house... I didn't have to cook! That's worth it right there to me. Everyone had such a good time, we didn't see our last guests leave until 6:00pm. Seriously, it was a fun and rewarding day for us all and I am thankful that our home is inviting for get togethers like this. We must pace ourselves though... only so much family at one time :-)

8 of the 9 Naumann cousins.


Unknown said...

What a reunion..
Family is number one..

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