Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maurer's in Concan

We just returned from 4 days at the Frio River with the entire Maurer clan - that's right there were 22 of us under one roof and we all survived. For years we've talked about doing a big family trip but it's just never panned out. This year Aunt Dorothy did some looking around and found a great house for us all in Concan by the Frio River at the Frio Country Resort and sent us the "save the date." The house set up was great - 5 bedrooms, game room, our own swimming pool, and volleyball court. We were a quick drive to where we put in our tubes and an even quicker drive from where we had to get out. We ate and drank all day, laughed until our sides hurt, and most important, made many special memories.
It was interesting to see how A, A, & C interacted with everyone. Avery was attached to Cousin Jamie who came in from Ohio, Caleb preferred to hang out with Aunt Dorothy, and Austin played so well with Kennedy. Then there was the attempt to take 4 toddlers under the age of 4 tubing down the river. I will save that story for my next post, but lets just say it wound up being about as fun as taking all 3 kids to the skating rink solo.... (pics to come as well)

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