Thursday, October 7, 2010

Caleb's post

Every once in a while my mom falls behind on this blogging thing and me and my bother and sister have to step in and help her keep up. Not really sure what her deal is... We are all doing good. In addition to not blogging, mom hasn't had the camera out much. I'm not going to complain, sometimes I get tired of her saying "Caleb, look at the camera. Smile!" Blah... just let me be.
I am loving this cooler weather.... makes me want to put my cowboy jeans and boots on everyday when I come home from school, and I usually do. Mom and dad get frustrated with me changing clothes all the time, but a cowboy has to do what a cowboy has to do. I wish I could wear my cowboy boots to school, but mom says I can't. I need tennis shoes so that I can run on my new big playground I get to play on now that I am a Frisky Frog.
Last night we went to the homecoming parade. I didn't see too many floats, just fancy cars driving down the street. I'm not going to complain. We loaded up on some candy! We sat towards the beginning of the parade route and you know those high school girls can't resist my adorable face... they threw me lots of candy! It disappeared once we get home, but I know mom has it hiding somewhere. I also know she took out all the Tootsie Rolls, they are her favorites.
We've been watching lots of Longhorn football but dad isn't always happy when the games are on. He shakes his head and yells crazy things at the tv. Surely he won't have to do this for every game.
That's all I have to report right now. Hopefully mom will get her act in gear and post soon.

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