Friday, October 22, 2010

Coincidence, full moon or "twin thing"

The kids and I just got back from what was more of an eventful dinner than I had planned. Wes is at the deer lease for the night so we planned dinner with Toppe and Grandpa at the airport - 7pm sharp. We were there at 7pm, but Avery insisted on watching 4 planes take off and 2 land from the parking lot so about 15 mintues later, we were seated outside on the patio to see anymore planes that might come through. Once at the table, the forks and knives became drumsticks on the glass tables and menus were thrown around. This is not normal behavior for our kids. Even laid back grandpa had to say a few words to my fidgety kids to calm them down. Things got a little better once the food came, though we were interrupted 3 times for potty breaks. Once the bill was paid, and we walked back outside, the kids ran around in the front run way area. Then we called it a night and headed for the car which is when all hell broke lose.
First, Avery swallowed a peppermint. They have a huge bowl on the way out of the restaurant and she grabbed a few and the first one she stuck in her mouth was swallowed whole. You could tell it hurt her, she gagged and coughed and complained of it hurting. She was breathing and talking so all we could do was try and calm her down and encourage her to drink. Right about the same time Austin got irate, a very rare reaction from him. He and grandpa had gone to the car and when they got there they couldn't get in. Austin wanted to get his new library book out to show grandpa and couldn't get to it because the car was locked, or at least that seemed to be the issue. He started to cry, I unlocked the car, he got the book, but still he cried .... and cried... and cried. He threw what I consider an irate tantrum, one I have only seen him throw a handful of times. He was mad, unconsolable. I tried to hold him, but he resisted. I tried to put him in the car, he fought me. All this time Avery is crying from the pain of the lodged peppermint. At least Caleb chose to be calm. So finally I got Austin in the car, against his will, and we headed home. Avery complained the whole way home & Austin cried the whole way home. The one humerous moment was when Caleb said "Mama, I'm the only one not crying!"
When we got home, Austin's tears continued and Avery was in obvious pain. I didn't know what to do for her. Toppe had suggested bread to help push the peppermint down so that is what we tried. 15 seconds later, Avery coughed everything up - bread, peppermint and lots of slimy stuff. Immediately she said she felt better. Immediately Austin stopped crying and seemed like him old self.
So the whole incident got me to thinking about the stories you hear about one twins pain affecting the other. Could that be what was going on tonight? Is my kids' crazy behavior these last 3 nights the result of a full moon or is it merely coincidence???

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Jaime said...

I would have broken out into a full sweat dealing with that!