Thursday, January 6, 2011

We are going to miss her!!!

Imagine that you are the parent of three active and demanding toddlers. You are working a full day at work and know that the night ahead of you consists of preparing supper, hanging up clothes, unloading the dishwasher, wiping up spills, listening to whining, picking up messes and all of that in just the first hour at home. Wouldn't it be amazing to get a text in the middle of the day saying "you can drop off the kids at my house on your way home if you want." Believe it or not, it can happen. I know first hand thanks to Kelcie Maurer. Random times throughout the year I have recieved these types of texts and I don't know if she really understands how thankful I am for those messages. It allows Wes and I to get so much done in a short time without little feet following us or voices requesting a snack or more apple juice. It gives us a break from a sometimes chaotic evening routine and gives the kids a chance to do a little something diferent.
Well, Kelcie has decided to start a new chapter of her life and will be moving to College Station in about a week to become an aggie. We aren't so crazy about her school of choice -Hook 'Em- but we are excited that she will still be close. We wish her the very BEST in school and are excited to see where this next step in life takes her.
THANK YOU KELCIE. Always remember that if the school thing doesn't work out, we'd love to have you as our nanny!

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