Monday, June 27, 2011

Magic Snow White

Meet Snow White.  She is no regular Snow White.... she is magic.  Snow White doesn't like to stay in one place for too long.  She lives in Avery's room, but you never know is she will be sitting up on a shelf, standing at the edge of the bed or laying in the baby stroller when morning time comes around. 

So, here is the real story and I am able to type with Avery sitting right next to me since she can't read.  A few months ago, Snow White made her way into the suitcase for a weekend trip to Uncle Jason's.  Some how Snow White wound up under the guest bed and Jason discovered her when he was cleaning up the room.  On our next visit, Snow White (aka Jason) wrote Avery a note saying that she had missed Avery, but had a good time swimming at Jason's.  Her signature was absolutely authentic.  We all played along with the story and decided that Snow White had magical powers.  Ever since Snow White returned home with us, she has been mysteriously moving around Avery's room.  She doesn't have a pattern, you never know when you may find her in a different spot.  She's sneaky though, she makes sure no one else is in the room when she moves.  The look on Avery's face when she finds Snow White in a different location is priceless.  We'll see how long the magic continues!

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October Smith said...

And THAT is why we promised the girls Disney World for each of them at 4yo...they still believe in magic! :)