Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swim lessons

Our kids LOVE the pool. I wanted to get the kids into lessons, but with work and instructor schedules I was having a tough time getting signed up. Then I remembered that Ali use to spend her entire summers in the pool teaching kids how to swim. I called for a favor and she agreed to do a few lessons in the evenings with us for two weeks. I was amazed to see how comfortable the kids were on just their first lesson. Yes, they have been in the pool before this, but mostly for fun. By the end of the lesson they were successfully using their arms to scoop through the water, kicking, coming up for breaths and to top it all off, they jumped off the diving board and swam to the side without any assistance. I was soooo excited.
I should note that these pictures were taken at teh last lesson. This is the only lesson Caleb decided to particpate in and he basically held onto his floatie the whole time and got a kick out of jumping off the diving board. We'll get him kicking and scooping next year.

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