Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A different kind of family...

Growing up, I was part of a great group of girls and with them came some pretty amazing families.  Softball was what brought us together and between practices, road trips, tournaments, and celebration parties, we spent A LOT of time together.  Those softball days are gone but the friendships are not.  Every year we all try to get together around the July 4th holiday and though many of us haven't seen each other since the previous year, an outsider would think we get together all the time.  We've all gone our different ways, have our own families, taken on various career paths, yet there is still that common bond that keeps us together.  Though we aren't blood related, we are our own special  family.  
 Here's the whole crew... minus a few.  Yes, there was a game of wiffle ball - girls vs boys/husbands.  Let's just say us girls still got game.
 The mamas/grandmamas.  
 The dads.

The playahs/sistas!

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