Monday, December 10, 2012

BCS 13.1

Back in September, I was looking for a little motivation, a little something to work towards, a little confidence booster, some goal that incorporated me burning a few extra calories and fitting into "skinny" jeans.  I use that term loosely because there will never be anything skinny about my jeans, or thighs.  Anyway, I frequently get emails about runs/races since I've done a few over the years and saw that there was half marathon in early December in College Station.  At the time it seemed perfect - cooler temps in December, 3 months to train, running through Thanksgiving to run off extra turkey calories, early Sunday start time, close by, race t-shirts, great way to kick off the Christmas Season....
As time got closer, I realized there were other obstacles I didn't consider.  First, temps refused to dip below 75 until well into October, maybe November which made it tough for longer runs.  Second, early Saturday mornings are usually best for me to take time to do long runs but in the fall I have a husband that hunts and isn't always in town to watch kiddos while I run.  Third, I'm busy... between work commitments, kids activities and life I didn't have big windows of time to lace up my shoes and hit the road and truth is I didn't make it a top priority.  
Fast forward to this past weekend, the big run.  I didn't feel ready.  The weather wasn't in any runners favor as temps started off in the 70's and you could cut the air with a knife thanks to the humidity.  None the less, I lined up with 3,000 other runners, most running a half marathon others running a full 26.2.  When the gun went off, it was just one foot in front of the other.  I had a new playlist downloaded with some oldies but goodies that helped pass the time.  FloRida really helped me along Mile 9.  I ran the whole thing minus 2 water stops.  At mile 12 I was right behind my goal time and almost stopped to walk, but I could see the downhill finish and pushed along.  Final time 2:01:11, just above my goal time, but I'll take it.  I've got a great medal and finisher t-shirt to prove it.

On a side note, if anyone reading has ever considered running a half marathon, I highly recommend this race!  It was so organized.  The race director did a great job of communicating all aspects of the race and they went above and beyond when they saw temps were going to be warm and humid.  Best part, the course was FLAT.  My training is done here on the backroads of Washington County and every step is at an incline, either uphill or down.   I just might have to try it again....

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