Monday, December 17, 2012

Heavy heart

My heart is heavy and hurting.  I can't stop reading the headlines about the Newton, CT tragedy as more details of the incident unfold and we learn more about the innocent victims.

12.14.12 is a day we will always remember.  I will remember the very moment that I read  that many of the victims were Kindergarten students.  I have two amazing Kindergarten students.  This tragedy hits home and I fight back tears everytime my mind wanders into a scenario of what I would do if I was the mom of one of the victims.  It's just too much and those precious souls were taken from this earth much too soon.

I've been praying a lot since Friday.... I pray for comfort and healing for the parents who have lost their children.  I pray for those policemen who will forever have visions of children lying on the classroom floor.  I pray for teachers and their safety and their devotion to our children. I pray for the town of Newton, CT.  I pray that education and children's safety will become more important than standardized test scores. I pray our country can come together and stand up against evil.  I pray that mental health will be taken more seriously. I pray that my children will one day be able to start their school day with a prayer right before the Pledge of Alligiance. 

God is good and he will get us through this.  We need to remember to keep him in our everyday life and not just seek him out in the extraordinary tragedies. 

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Heather said...

Great post. I agree completely.