Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Port A with the Maurers

We enjoyed a few days in Port Aransas thanks to Mimi and Popo.  The beach house was perfect, right on the beach, with bunk beds and a "secret loft" for A&A&C to hide out.  Bruce and Jason came along too so we had a house of 9 and brought enough food to feed 18.  We always have soooo much food, but that happens when Jason packs his entire pantry.
We made sure to enjoy a few hours at the beach everyday but also got in a little shopping.  The boys were determined to find the perfect shark's tooth necklace.  We found that "perfect "  .99 cent necklace the first day which had us back the next day to buy one of a bit better quality.  There was a stop at the candy shop, a candy shop with a huge rattlesnake inside.  Really, a rattlesnake in a candy shop? 
All in all we had a great time and enjoyed beach time with the family.

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