Monday, June 2, 2014


It's official, we have 2 Washington County All Stars, a manager and a team mom in the family.  (This is the first year they were eligible to make it).  Austin made the Pee Wee baseball 7-year old team and Avery made the Pee Wee softball 7-8 year old team.  Wes will be managing Austin's team and I am team mom for Avery's team.  Our days at the baseball field for the year are not quite over.  Both teams started practice last Friday and it looks like we'll be at the fields every night for at least the next 2-weeks for practice.  The tournaments start Father's Day weekend.  We don't know game days or times yet, but we know we'll be spending lots of time on HWY 36 since Austin's tournament is in Sealy and Avery will be playing in Bellville.  Both teams have a great group of kids and parents and looks like we'll be spending lots of time together.  Lots of memories to be made on the ball field this summer!!!!

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