Monday, June 2, 2014


I could not be more excited about SUMMER this year.  My new teacher/coach profession comes with the perk of 3 months off, well kinda.  There's still workshops and inservice that I have to attend, BUT I'll take it. I'll have the kids at home with me, which I know will not always be easy, but I'm looking forward to the extra time with them.  We'll get in some pool time at Gun & Rod and with our June all star schedule, there will be late nights at the fields which will lead to sleeping late in the mornings.  Wes will have to-do's for us around the house and there's a few projects (including printing this blog to books) that I have to check off the list.  We've got a few trips planned... a cruise to Cozumel w/ Mimi & Popo, a week in Jamaica for just Wes & I, Port O'Conner with friends, and a week at the beach with Toppe & Grandpa.  Add in all stars, coaching school, and a week of vacation Bible School and you'll see why I'm so excited!  It will be busy, but FUN.  Can't wait!  Happy Summer!

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