Monday, September 29, 2008

93 and counting....

Caleb and Grandpa Keen

The big catch of the day!

Brother and sister fishing together... they were actually fighting over the pole.

This weekend we got to spend a little time with family. Saturday we took the kids to my grandparents farm in Rockdale, my mom's home town, to go fishing. The fish were biting... ok, so we cheated a little. My grandpa threw out fish food to the catfish and they came swimming up to eat. At the same time, we threw out the fishing rods and the catfish had their choice of fish food or our minnows. Fortunetely some chose the minnows and Austin and Avery were able to reel in the fish, with some assistance of course. It was interesting to see that Avery and I share the same perspective on fishing - it's ok for a little bit... when the fish are biting... otherwise we'd rather just sit in the truck :-) Austin was in it for the long haul and enjoyed throwing out the rod and reeling it right back in. He thought the minnow counted as a fish caught and would say "Austin catch little fish." He actually did catch a big fish on his little spider man rod and he thought he was big stuff!
One of the best parts of this day for me was watching my 93 year old grandpa "hang out" with Caleb. While we did our best at keeping A & A's rods baited and hooks from flying, my grandpa sat in his lawn chair and held Caleb and kept him entertained. Caleb never fussed... just laughed as Grandpa Keen made faces at him. These are the memories I wish babies were able to keep with them. He's an amazing man.
On Sunday, we celebrated Wes's grandmother's birthday. She is 93 and still sharp as a whip. I am amazed by her memory. She doesn't forget a thing. At the rate I"m going, I'll be lucky to be able to remember my last name at that age. I just hope that I make it to 93 and even more important I hope I am still kickin' as good as Granny G and Grandpa Keen when I get there.

I'll post fishing pics soon....

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