Monday, September 22, 2008

Hook 'Em Horns

Saturday we loaded up the crew and headed for Austin to tailgate for the UT/Rice football game. The game started at 6pm and that worked out just right for us. It took pretty much the entire morning to pack, plan and get everyone dressed for the day. We loaded everyone in the car after lunch and the kids snoozed on the drive up to Austin. That put us at the tailgate for about 3 hours before the game started. We have some friends who have a GREAT tailgate setup and always make us feel welcome. It was a little warmer than we had hoped, but not too bad. Wes and I spent many a Saturday tailgating when we lived in Austin and we hope to be able to do it more as the kids get older. It just isn't the same with 3 little ones, though it actually went much smoother than I thought it would. It will ultimately be the kids decisions as to where they attend college, but they will definitely be encouraged to go to UT.
As the crowds started filing into the stadium, we headed back to the car. We were brave enough to tailgate with 3 kids, but we weren't crazy enough to go into the game with them. Last year we did take A&A into the stadium for a quarter and it was not something I was ready to do again... exhausting. Instead we drove to Uncle Jason's and were able to watch the game in the AC. The kids loved getting to see Uncle Jason and we enjoyed getting the homecooked meal. We had a great visit and the kids got to run around and be silly for a while. We made it back to Brenham a little before midnight... a very long day, but it was well worth it.

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Dayna Heine said...

Hi Jamie-

Your little ones are so cute and they are growing up so fast. Your mom sent me the link to your blog and It's so great that you keep everyone up to date.

Thanks for sharing.

Dayna Heine