Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last day of the 2's class...

Today was Avery & Austin's last day in Ms. Ginger's 2's class at First Baptist. We celebrated with a trip to Fireman's Park which included the carousel. A&A were going to "school" twice a week from 8-11:30am. Ginger was great with the kids and Natalie, the teacher aide, was amazing as well. We will really miss them. I have decided that when Caleb starts a school day care in June, that all 3 will be making a new start at St. Paul's. It will be a transition for everyone. I am super excited about only making one stop in the mornings... I may actaully get to work on time!?!?

Ms. Ginger & Ms. Natalie's 2's (this is 2 classes combined in 1pic)

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