Friday, May 15, 2009

What was I thinking????

So, my kids miss out on what many kids do on a weekly basis... riding in a shopping cart. Big trips to HEB, Wal-Mart runs, and just the occasional run into Walgreens are usually done alone on my lunch hour or just before I get the kids from school. If I have the opportunity to just take one kid with me, I try to do that so they can see what the grocery store is all about, but taking all 3 is just asking for my stress levels to elevate way above "normal". Well, this afternon when I picked the kids up from school, I was determined to make a trip with all 3 to Wal-Mart for a few groceries. Let me make a quick side note... I hate Wal-Mart and before kids I only went there on a "have to" basis. Now I just don't have anyway around it. Back to story, without going into too much detail, here are a few things that occured on our trip...
- I needed to get 1 loaf of bread, Avery & Austin both felt they needed to hold a loaf so I walked out the store with 2
-Caleb managed to get the top off of a Yoplait yogurt and started to eat it with his fingers. He threw a huge fit when I tried to take it away so instead of having "that kid" in the store I let him make an absolute mess
- Avery & Austin got to pick out a toy for staying dry all day on Wednesday. Austin wanted a firetruck and he got a firetruck. Avery wanted a baby doll and we went through a princess doll, princess shoes, a flower sprinkler and a pink pool float before going back to the baby doll and new doll stroller.
- As I was headed to check out and had EVERYTHING on the counter to be checked out, the cashier told me she couldn't check out any alcohol, so the beer and bottle of wine had to be checked out else where. What the %#%$... get someone over to my line who can check out the alochol.
- We finally made it to the car after going to the express checkout for the alcohol. Caleb still had the yogurt and as I took it away and removed his shirt since it was covered with sticky yogurt, he threw a fit.... he was "that kid", but since we were in the parking lot not many people heard him.
- I got home and realized I was missing a bag... I really needed that milk.

This is why I DON'T attempt shopping trips with them.


October Smith said...

OMG!!! That is hilarious! :D

Steven and Adrienne said...

Oh the things we have to look forward to! I hope Wes went to get milk for you or at least gave you a break to go to the store by yourself.

Kari said...

I despise Wal-Mart trips also...and our ghetto wal-mart is 1/3 the size of Brenham' everyone can hear when my angels are being "that kid". Kudos on taking in all three at once!!


BTW, i love your new picture.. :-)