Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day trip to Rockdale

On Saturday, we made a trip to Rockdale to my grandparents farm for some good ol' tank fishing and a bbq. Tank fishing is what I remember growing up.... bait a hook, throw it out, grab a lawn chair and your book and watch until the cork goes under. Of course with 3 kids, there is no sitting involved. Austin was really the only one interested in fishing. Avery preferred to hang around the truck and Caleb just wandered around. It turned out to be a really good day because all of the cousins on my mom's side showed up and we haven't gotten together like that at the farm in a long time. Dad bbq'd ribs and sausage and we were able to enjoy the day, even if it was a bit warm. Needless to say, the kids slept hard all the way home.
Austin reeling in a big one!
Like father, like son....

Grandpa & Caleb

Caleb checking out the cows. He wasn't so sure about them. Notice Austin on the far right... he wanted nothing to do with those "stinky" cows.
My big catch of the day! I actually threw a rod out a time or two and this was my big catch.
I love this picture! The boys were taking a break and riding on the gator. The structure on the left is an old house that was on the farm when they land was purchased.

This picture is significant in that the kids are so close to a dog... even if it's little. They are not dog fans, but I think we may slowly be overcoming this fear. This is Izzy and she came to the farm with my cousin. I bet she was glad when we left!

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