Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ready...set... go....

We've had a few (much needed) down weeks in the Maurer household.  We're back to somewhat of a morning routine and homework is back to a priority in the evenings.  We've even made it  point to sit down together at the dinner table and have helpings from all the essential food groups on our plates.
But, the down time will not last long.  Spring is creeping up and we are already seeing our calendars fill up.  Just this week I signed Avery & Austin up for tball and of course both mom and dad had to fill out volunteer forms so that we can help coach.  Wednesday our Girl Scout Daisy started selling the beloved girl scout cookie so we are selling everything we can so that we don't have to sit outside of Wal-Mart and sell.  Anyone out there want some Thin Mints!?!  Then I had an out of body experience the other day and thought that to really get myself back into running I should sign up for a half marathon.  Once I came back to my normal self and realized I actually committed and signed up, I panicked, but I will handle it.  The run is March 4th!  
Let's not forget that we will be welcoming a niece or nephew into the family soon and Wes and I are nearing our 10 yr anniversary.  Good times!  Let the fun begin.

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