Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stormy morning....

Sometimes I need to have a morning like today to remind me that most mornings really aren't that tough when it comes to getting me and kids kids up, dressed and out the door.  Here's a quick recap:

It started out on a very positive note.  I woke up before my alarm and actually felt like getting out of bed (opposed to hitting snooze 2-3 times).  Up I went and was greeted by the sound of rain, glorious rain.  After a quick shower I heard my phone ringing and it was Wes calling to recommend that I move my car into the garage (it usually stays outside) because he had been looking at the radar at work and it looked like stormy weather would be hitting our area about the time we usually load up to leave for school.  Sweet thought... looking out for his wife and kiddos on a stormy morning....  probably didn't want us going to work/school looking like drenched puppies. So I moved Wes's big truck out of the garage and my vehicle back in.  Easy enough.
Fast forward about 45 minutes...  Power went out, but the kids were dressed, cereal was eaten, backpacks were ready and there was a break in the downpour rain.  We still had to walk under the breezeway so a break meant no sideways rain.   That was my cue to put it into high gear and get us to the car.  Kids grabbed their rain coats and I grabbed my purse, gym bag, 3 backpacks, camera bag for the Penguin play, and another bag full of penguin accessories.  Out the door we went, to the garage to load up and be on our way. 
I grabbed my garage door opener, garage door didn't move.  I tried several times.... no luck.  Tried the opener mounted on the wall, still no luck.  Light bulb then goes off  in my head - no electricity, no automatic garage door. 
Next step, call Wes to figure out how to get garage door open with out the opener.  I knew there was a way.  My phone, where was my phone?  In my gym bag?  In my purse?  In the penguin bag?  Did I leave it in the house?  Crap... I couldn't find my phone.  I go serach in the car and then inside at the possible spots I would have set it down.  No luck.  So I have to start the computer, log on, connect to the internet, and email Wes to please call my phone in hopes that I'd hear it.  The title of that email was "PLEASE HELP".  Avery heard the phone ringing in my gym bag. 
Called Wes and my instructions were to pull the string at the top and disengage the garage door so that I could lift it, but the garage door could be kind of heavy so I'd need to make sure it went all the way to the top and make sure not to let it drop.  Argh.  I wasn't sure I had the whole disengage concept down but I was sure that there was no way I was lifting the door by myself.
By this time the kids were riding scooters around the car in the garage and I was on the verge of tears from frustration.  This kind of felt like a dream.
Next step, call the inlaws to at least get the kids to school.  A&A  had a penguin play scheduled that morning and I wanted them to get there to be ready for that.   Plus all their questions were adding to my frustration.  I made the call and wanted to run back inside to grab a jacket.  Key... Keys... where were my keys to get in the house?  Good thing we had a spare outside. 
Mimi and Popo came quickly and Popo double checked the disengage on the garage door and then the three of us lifted it up.  Winds up it wasn't that heavy, just needed that extra boost to get it started.  They took the kids to school and I searched the house briefly for my keys.  My car key is separate so I knew I could at least get to work so after a few minutes of key searching in the house I just left.  I needed to get out. It had been a rough morning and it was only 9am...

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