Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blue Bell Fun Run 2012 - Family style

About to head down to the Blue Bell Fun.  They might be smiling, but it was pretty tough to get them going so early on a Saturday morning, especially after the long week we had.  
 After the Kids Mile with their medals!
 After we were all done... 3 kids miles + 1 dad 5K +  1 mom 10K = a great way to start the morning!
This is what it was all about... all the ice cream you could eat after you crossed the finish line.

We made the Blue Bell Fun Run a family event once again.  We were up early on Saturday morning and met the masses of 4,500 runners/walkers at Brenham High School.  Once the horn went off for the kids mile, A,A,&C were off, and to our excitement they jetted off without insisting Wes or I come with them.  Avery took out on her own and wound up finishing 4th in her age group!  Austin stuck with a group of boys from his class and they finished shortly after.  Caleb had a little bit of a spill about the halfway mark, but we were right there to see him and encourage him to get back up.  Little guy wiped his tears and finished the race all smiles.  So proud of my kiddos!  
Toppe watched the kids while Wes and I did our runs.  Not sure either of us was real excited about running that morning, but we pushed through and enjoyed the ice cream prize.  We're ready for next year...

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