Friday, April 6, 2012

If you need to find us....

we'll be at the ball field.  T-ball season is in full swing and our week nights are being spent at the baseball diamond.  The Huskers play on Mon & Wed nights and the Yellow Jackets play Tues & Thurs nights... yes, four straight nights and some nights we "travel" to Burton.
 Game #1
 Ready position.
 Yellow Jackets Game #1
Big slugger!

So I am learning that in tball the big deal is getting an out.  To have one kid field it, throw it to first, and have the first baseman catch it is a huge accomplishment.  Austin made a big catch at first in their second game and Avery made a great throw for an out in her first game.  The crowd went wild :)  Looking forward to see the kids improve as they get a better grasp on how things are supposed to happen.  

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